Global narrative is greenwashing us with the electrification of cars, on the other hand, nature is collapsing, our agricultural systems are not prepared for such radical climate changes. I have been visiting farmers in Italy, Slovenia and Balkan region and they are struggling with water shortages, high prices for fertilisers and dizel expenses. Even if each citizen in Europe drives an electric car today, the desertification of Europe and apocalyptic food crises are inevitable unless we completely transform our food systems and farming practices.

Regionalissation of our food supply chains is necessary so Europe can become self-sufficient with food, our menus can no longer stand the exotic ingredients from Amazon forests, soya proteins from China and wheat from unreliable sources. The EU strategy for agriculture Green Deal calls on members to increase self-sufficiency in crops and to promote regional plant-based food. Reality is that we still use most of the fertile land for animal feed, the best land of ex PKB Belgrade is used for straw for camels that enjoy Serbian carbohydrates in Emirates,  because of the dizel shortage we'll be forced to use land for biodiesel crop production, clean plant food-based for humans is last in line.

It really seems we'll be enjoying cellular meat and crops from vertical farming, labs will be the source of our nutrients, cooks and farmers will stay out of jobs, scientists will take over the wheel. Who gives a f... for soil health, clean air, drinkable water, animals in the wild, boring. Lets rather talk about big tech solutions, artificial intelligence and bitcoin, these technologies will keep our existence alive.

Are we really waiting for apocalipse, because then my friends it will be far too late to act?

Author: Martin Rojnik